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DIY Breakfast station...making life easy for mom and healthy for the kids. 60+ days of self-serve br

One of the ways we sometimes run into trouble in a school day is if we don’t get off to a good start.  You know what I’m talking about—nobody fed the dog, people are squirreled away in their bedroom playing minecraft and hoping you won’t notice, and for goodness sakes:  they don’t know what to eat!

I even have a child who tells me this, while I look at him and say things like, “You know what is available!  Toast!  Bagels!  Oatmeal!  Cereal!  Fruit!  Yogurt!  Waffles!  Pick one!”  (Because after 22+ years of serving breakfasts, I feel like now everybody should be able to help themselves.  Shouldn’t they?!)

And still we sometimes struggle.  Oy.

Well, I just love this creative solution:  DIY Breakfast Stations!  This clever compilation gives you everything you need to fully stock a bunch of healthy breakfast options at your house AND help the kids be more independent.

DIY Breakfast Station...making life easy for moms and healthy for kids. 60+ days of self-serve break
You’ll get a complete shopping list, recipes, printable labels, and instructions to put together a TON of breakfasts!  It is already bargain priced, but Kim Sorgius, author and developer of this system, was sweet enough to offer a coupon code for you guys!  Use coupon code $2OFFESTUDIES to take $2 off of your order.  This coupon can actually be used on any product in her store this month, so be sure to check out all that she has to offer here.  (she even has a similar product for creating lunch stations as well!)