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IMG_2947Do you tweet?  I want to know about it!


I’ve taken a few stabs at Twitter over the years, and I’m always kind of horrified at how…..commercial the whole thing seems.  Everybody is just kind of hollerin’ away about their stuff all helter-skelter.  Who reads that mess?


I guess quite a few people do, or so I’m told.


Well, I’d like to fine my twitter tribe:  YOU.  I can see that it would be fun to tell each other funny or interesting stuff throughout the day.  It might even be fun to know what you had for breakfast.  (maybe not.  depends.)  I’d care if I knew that your kids were down with the flu.  You might like some of the stuff I’d share, too.

So, hey–if you’re over there, follow me and I’ll follow you* and let’s see if we can make all this tweeting as awesome as it supposedly is.  OK?

*Who will I follow?  My Enrichment Lifestyle peeps.  So if I see that you are a homeschool mom or somebody else that makes sense, yup–I’ll follow you until I can’t follow anybody else.  If you’re some spambot-thingamajig that showed up here by happenstance and you tweet about viagra or diet pills or timeshares, I won’t follow you, and you don’t need to follow me.  Fair enough?