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This here is my weekly round up of noteworthy items for your consideration.  Enjoy!


How Decision Fatigue is Wearing Down Your Homeschool (and 4 things you can do about it)

This is a really good article that I’m sure most homeschool moms will find useful.  Her suggestions are quite good, and I bet you’ve got a few things to add to it.  (leave a comment so we can all benefit, ok?)  My favorite idea that she shared?  #3.  Genius!  And will be so helpful for those of you that suffer from the whole, “Look! A squirrel!” type of curriculum yearning and such. 🙂

Crock Pot Recipes:  All hail the slow cooker, saver of family dinners and motherly sanity!  Come check out my pinterest board for some fresh recipe inspiration.

Breakfast Art:  First, we ooh and aah and wow, because:  ladybug strawberries!  Then we go back to fancying up PBJs by cutting on the diagonal.  No shame!  You can’t do it all.  But it’s fun to look at.

usinterior on Instagram:  No joke.  They have some of the most gorgeous and inspiring photos of the beautiful USA that you will ever see.  Just like that! you get a burst of WOW in your Instagram feed.