Enrichment Studies - Fine Arts for homeschool families

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 4.46.05 PMI’m so looking forward to connecting with you guys better!  This blog has been on my mind for many months now, and I have so much that I want to share with you.  While I do enjoy creating new Enrichment Studies products for your families to enjoy, there are tons of other tidbits and goodies that I come across that are worth sharing and talking about too.  There is so much juicy, awesome, amazing stuff to watch, see, listen to, think about, and experience!  We’re going to do as much of that here as we can.  🙂   I’d like to tell you about some of what I plan to have going on here at the blog:

Poetry:  I’ve had a real resurgence in my love for poetry and I’d love to share that with you.

Musical Mondays:  I enjoy and find value in so many types of music, and I love sharing that with my kids, too.  Most likely it’ll be a video. Classical, jazz, rock, parodies, ancient, modern, international, quirky–probably a little bit of everything.

Teach Me Tuesdays:  Did you know that sometimes it’s really good to be the student?  It is!  And that experience will make you a better, more compassionate and aware teacher, too!  I’ve been trying to take one time a week to have my kids teach me something that they know about.  It has been fun, interesting, and cool.  I’ll share about those experiences with you, and encourage you to let your kids have the opportunity to be the teacher, too.  🙂

Wondrous Wednesday:  There is so much creativity in the natural world, and I love to see it and share it!

Delightful Design:  Architecture.  Landscape.  Textiles.  You name it.

Fine Arts Friday:  We’ll take time most Fridays to check out something cool in the world of Fine Arts.  It’s a big, big ocean of creativity out there, with so much to see!

Give Them Wings:  I’ve got a soft spot for kids that have learning struggles.  Two of my guys have dyslexia, so we’re always on the lookout for helpful stuff for them and others with similar (and different) struggles.  My goal for working with my dyslexic kids has been to figure out how to help them learn and grow in spite of the stuck spots.  I’ll be happily sharing stuff that has helped us, or that might be of interest to families with similar needs.

Birthday Features:  As we have created so many resource collections, I have often wished there was a way to say, “Hey you guys!  Did you know this cool thing about this person?!”  Well, now I can.  Throughout the year you’ll be hearing about all of these noteworthy people, which will be cooler than you expect!  🙂

Mom to Mom:  I’ve got six children.  Two are grown.  I’m a mother-in-law.  I’m a Grammy.  I’ve homeschooled for most of the time since 1997.  Sometimes I have stuff worth saying.  🙂

That seems like a pretty long list for today, so I’m gonna leave it at that for now.  Needless to say, there will be more: freebies, recommendations of things I think are worth sharing, encouragement for you moms, announcements about sales and specials, and more good stuff will be included.