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My boys and I were so interested to read this article about Fabrice Calmels, the world’s tallest ballet dancer!  This man is 6′ 6″ tall, and after you see him, you’ll no longer think of men in ballet quite the same.


I really enjoy sharing this article and photos with my sons for several reasons.  First, he’s a guy in ballet.  That alone takes guts.  What a great example of following your interests!  Second, he started ballet at the age of four, and loved it so much that he overcame a lot of industry prejudice in order to stick with it.  He obviously works incredibly hard at his craft.


This video shows Fabrice Calmels and Julianne Kepley dancing The Dream.  Beautifully done.  Now, I will admit, your kids might only be interested for a couple minutes.  It’s pretty mellow.  Still, let them take a couple minutes and see some beautiful ballet, ok?  Leave a comment and let me know how they liked it.