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8 Awesome Handprint Art Projects to do with your KidsDoing handprint art with your kids is a great way to preserve those prints for yourself or other family members while still letting your kids have fun, get creative, and try out some new ways of doing and thinking about art.

There are two main ways to do the prints:

One is to just use fingertips, and let the kids make scenes, where they can turn it into whatever they choose.  These can be really fun and offer limitless outlets for creativity.

The other method is to use the entire hand print as a base form, and then turn that into something cool.

Either way, plan to do these projects in stages.  Stage one includes making the prints and then having ample time to let them dry.  Stage two includes adding details to your prints.  Be sure to leave plenty of time for both.  Doing a morning and afternoon session can work, or you could do the projects on two consecutive days.  (Affiliate links have been used for supplies.  Thank you for helping support this site!)


Supplies you will need:

  • Colored paper and paper with patterns if you choose to do the matted look and mount them for impact. (See photos.)
  • Glue sticks for mounting
  • Small paint brushes:  I recommend this brand of brushes.  They do not fall apart like cheaper brushes do, they hold up to frequent use and proper cleaning as well. 
  • Foam flat brushes
  • Colored acrylic paints:  This is the same set I have in my own home.  You get a nice variety of colors at a good price.  Plus, the box this set comes in is sturdy, so you can continue to use it for storage.
  • Black sharpie or nice thin pens for detailing

The projects:

Red Poppies Handprint Art Project
Tree art: 8 Awesome Handprint Art Projects to do with your Kids


Fish Handprint Art Project

Make a Fingerprint Dandelion

Make a Handprint Kite Painting

Make a Handprint Peacock Painting

Make handprint Birds or Chickens
Make a creative scene with handprint painting