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Welcome to one of the projects in our series 8 Awesome Handprint Art Projects to do With Your Kids! To learn more about the project and see a complete list of methods, materials and projects, click here to start at the beginning. (new tab will open for you)  Affiliate links have been used.

Tree art: 8 Awesome Handprint Art Projects to do with your Kids

2. Tree
Supplies you will need:

  • Colored paper and paper with patterns if you choose to do the matted look and mount them for impact. (See photos.)
  • Glue sticks for mounting
  • Small paint brushes:  I recommend this brand of brushes.  They do not fall apart like cheaper brushes do, they hold up to frequent use and proper cleaning as well. 
  • Foam flat brushes
  • Colored acrylic paints:  This is the same set I have in my own home.  You get a nice variety of colors at a good price.  Plus, the box this set comes in is sturdy, so you can continue to use it for storage.
  • Black sharpie or nice thin pens for detailing

You will need washable acrylic paint in either green and brown, or fall colors of red, orange, yellow, and brown.

  1.  Use flat foam brush to paint the entire palm side of hand in either green or fall colors.  Press hand down slowly right in the center of the paper, being careful to press all fingers and the palm down well.  Slowly pull up.
  2. Paint the tree trunk in brown.  Let dry for a few minutes.
  3. Once the first paint isn’t too wet, you can paint in branches and accents.
  4. Once paint is totally dry, you can add more details with pen or marker, as you like.
  5. Complete your artwork by mounting it onto a background page that peeks out around the edges to form a frame and give it a matted look.  Use glue stick on the back of your artwork to affix it to the background page.

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